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Cheminova Nordic Baltic


In 2006, Cheminova Nordic Baltic was established as an independent sales office and the department is today an important distributor of plant protection products in Denmark as well as in the rest of the region.


Since 2006, the strategy of Cheminova A/S has been to focus on the implementation of own developed versions of known active ingredients. This development will continue in the coming years, making it possible for Cheminova A/S to reach the goal of being in the lead when it comes to sale of plant protection products to farmers.


Cheminova Nordic Baltic
Teglgårdsparken 26, office 315
DK-5500 Middelfart


Tel. +45 9690 9490

Fax +45 6441 8061


Region Manager:

Tage Hessellund Knudsen
Tel. +45 9690 9491
Mob. +45 4164 0511
E-mail: tage.knudsen@cheminova.com



Technical Marketing Manager:

Michael Petersen Rose
Tel. +45 9690 9492
Mob. +45 4164 0595
E-mail: michael.rose@cheminova.com

Skype: michael.rose_cheminova.com



Business & Marketing Administrator:

Karina Daugaard Jacobsen

Tel. +45 9690 9490

Mob. +45 4164 0512

E-mail: karina.d.jacobsen@cheminova.com

Skype: karina.d.jacobsen_cheminova.com

Professional background:

Tage is M. Sc. Agronomy, graduated in 1985 and has since then worked with counselling in farmers’ associations and as a product manager in a chemicals and feed business. During recent years, he has worked as a technical advisor in several international plant protection companies with his focus on sale and marketing.


Daily work:

Tage is responsible for the management, development and sales functions in Cheminova Nordic Baltic. Therefore, feel free to contact Tage if you have some general issues regarding Cheminova A/S or if you have any good ideas for products of vital necessity to Danish agriculture.


When the working day is finished:

When Tage is not at work you will, with every probability, find him on a sailing-boat.


Professional background:

Michael graduated as an agronomist in 1993 and has since then worked with field trials and as a consultant in farmers’ associations with special focus on plant protection. For a period, Michael also worked as a seed consultant.


Daily work:

Michael possesses the technical qualifications to offer advice to farmers, their consultants and sales organizations. Therefore, feel free to contact Michael if you need advice and guidance about our products – also if something has not quite turned out the way you expected.


When the working day is finished:

When Michael is not at work you will probably find him at or on a football field.


Professional background:

Since her graduation as an Academy Bachelor of Commerce in International Sale & Marketing, Karina has worked within this area in a number of large, Danish companies.


Daily work:

Karina is responsible for the day-to-day business concerning order logistics and finance. Therefore, feel free to contact Karina if you have some good ideas regarding the marketing of our products or if you want to sell an advertisement.


When the working day is finished:

When Karina is not at work you may, if you are fast, find her in the forrest taking a long run.

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